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Social Media and Your Company – Twitter

The majority of companies are now using social media to promote their brand and their product(s) in order to increase their global recognition. If you’re not doing this, or even if you’re not using it to your best ability, you’ve already been left behind.

The beauty of social media is that you could be sitting in your office in Abercarn, Wales, click one button and a thought or an idea that you have is now being read by somebody sitting in their office in Paris, New York or Tokyo. Social media levels the playing field. It’s a great advantage for companies (particularly smaller companies), as it no longer limits you to a regional audience – or even a national one.

The question is, which social media outlet works best for businesses? What is the secret to getting the most of out of each? Over the next few weeks we will compare and contrast the three social media giants (Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus) pointing out some of their pros, cons – and maybe letting you in on some of their lesser-known features!

Twitter – fka Twttr (circa March – September, 2006)

By the end of 2014, Twitter had 284 million active users and was available in 33 languages…So, what is it about the multilingual social media enterprise that can help (or hinder) your company?

Pros: – stats from
  • With over 1 Billion users, Twitter is a perfect platform for companies to promote themselves on a large scale.
  • By adding keywords and phrases to your Twitter bio and using them in your tweets you can help increase your companies SEO (search engine optimisation). Without that, Google may not know how relevant your tweets and re-tweets are.
  • To put it simply, links that are Tweeted and RT (re-tweeted) are likely to have a higher Google ranking (in simple English, this means it’s more likely to show up higher up on search engine results).
  • Contented that has been tweeted or RT by an influential member of Twitter, by this I mean a user that has a lot of followers that can see their Tweets and RT’s, is more likely to have a higher Google ranking, due to the fact that they have more followers.

Cons: – stats from
  • With only 140 characters to use, it can be easy to fill the capacity – the key thing to remember when tweeting, is that you want people to respond and RT you – if you don’t leave that space, you won’t get any response.
  • If you wanted to add a photo to your tweet, it takes up an additional 23 characters. Unfortunately, this means that companies have to be even more efficient with their posts or do they… (We’ll look at this later).
  • It’s easy to see why your Tweet could be lost in a customer’s Twitter feed. If “Person A” follows 200 twitter accounts (including yours) and half of those companies tweet say, three times a day – that’s 300 tweets on that persons feed (sort of a landing page). This makes it virtually impossible for your tweet to be seen by your target audience.
How many tweets are sent (on average). Info-graphic by: Dischro Creative.

  • Promoting Tweets (in Layman’s terms), means spending money to make sure your tweet is seen more frequently and by more users than those which aren’t promoted. On Facebook, this is called “boosting”.

Screenshot of Facebooks ‘Boosting’ feature. (Above)
Images courtesy of (Below)

Twitter however, has decided to make promoting a tweet a huge time-drainer, especially in contrast to the pop –up window that appears when boosting on Facebook (see above). As you can see from the picture, “boosting” a post on Facebook seems relatively simple, whereas “promoting” on Twitter really isn’t. An added benefit to Facebook boosting is that you’re able to target groups of people based on age, gender, geographical location etc, and then save that targeted group so that you’re able to quickly access it next time. You can also do this on Twitter using what they call “Tailored Audiences”. A “Tailored Audience” can be compiled and saved on Twitter for you to use in any of your promoted Tweets.

From the picture above, you can see there’s a lot more to “promoting” a tweet than “boosting” a post and it can be very time consuming. Facebook decided to keep all of the necessary options on one easy to use pop-out window, Twitter however as you can see do the opposite and lead you through a series of numbered options in order for you to promote your Tweet.

Now for some inside tips and lesser-known features…

1) “Photo Tagging”
Have you ever been frustrated when trying to post a Tweet with a picture and end up exceeding the 140-character limit when you add text? Well, now there’s a way around it. When adding a new photo to a tweet, you can tag up to 10 people/companies etc. who are in the photo. These tags won’t count against your 140 characters.

2) The ‘Mute’ feature
Today, un-following someone on Twitter or un-liking their page on Facebook, is the digital version of cutting someone out of your life …Remember in that episode of F.R.I.E.N.D.S when Phoebe and Monica tried cutting Amanda out? …Awkward!. …But I digress.

Image courtesy of IMDB. ©Warner Brothers. 2003. All rights go to Warner Brothers Inc.

Rather than “un-following” someone, which means you don’t see their content on your feed anymore, you can mute the account for as long as you’d like.

3) “Fast Follow”

The fast follow feature is really handy for accounts that want to send out information about products to the public via Twitter to reach more people. If you have a customer that isn’t on Twitter but would like to know about your company updates then all they have to do is send “Follow [username]” to 40404 and they will start receiving tweets from you on their device. This could be helpful to companies that deal with customers who aren’t very technology savvy, as they could offer the customer the opportunity to follow their latest updates on Twitter without actually signing up for Twitter.

4) The Favourite Star Button.

When you click the ‘favourite’ star on Twitter it not only comes up with a notification for the account that posted what you “favourite” but it also stores that favourite to your account in a reverse chronological order. This is handy as it allows not only you but also (crucially) others to see content that you’ve “favourite”. .

Overall, Twitter is a great outlet for companies wanting to boost their customer list and improve their chances of gaining more sales. Although it has faults (especially when it comes to using Twitter for paid promotion), it can also be really helpful in increasing your SEO.
With roughly 330 million Twitter users active at any given moment – there is amazing scope and potential out there just waiting for you to discover.

So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and join the Twittersphere! …And while you’re at it, check out @DischroCreative!

Thursday, 19 December 2013

Dischromatics and Breaking Barriers Team up to produce Personalised DVD for Children.

Breaking Barriers Community Arts specialise in producing Digital Storytelling across all spectrum's of society and is a not for profit social enterprise based in Llanilleth, Blaina Gwent. With grants and other funding becoming more difficult to obtain, they decided to create their saleable original children’s Personalised digital stories on DVD.

Chairman of Dischromatics Ltd, Stewart Spencer sits on the board of BBCA as a business adviser through an arrangement with Arts and Business Cymru, Stewart explains “The board of Breaking Barriers have a duty of care towards the social enterprise and decided to approve the production of the personalised DVD project in order to make up for any shortfall in funding and to allow the staff to continue producing high quality digital storytelling to the benefit of the local community and beyond”.

With all things Breaking Barriers produce, the essential characteristic of the final product was that of quality in every aspect, from the original story and graphics to the unique packaging. The project has been professionally managed and controlled by Natasha James who has had to work to extremely tight time-scales in parallel with many other projects in production at the company. Nevertheless there has been no compromising the quality of the final product and anyone purchasing these DVD’s will be extremely satisfied with the result.

Customers will be able to add the name and upload photographs of their child, choosing from different animal outfits within the story. The story itself is based on the well-known nursery rhyme “Hickory Dickory Dock and is about the clocks losing their “Dock”.

It is envisaged that the latest personalised DVD will not be the last and the theme of producing in both English and Welsh languages will continue and fill a void in the market for such unique products. Anyone interested in reading more about the story can visit the Breaking Barriers or for more information about BBCA email

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Dischromedia Announces Launch of Samantha Link’s Xmas Album “Every Breath”

This week has seen the release of the promotional video produced by Dischro Creative of the new Xmas Album by the highly acclaimed classical crossover singer; Samantha Link called ‘Every Breath’. The video received almost two thousand views on YouTube within twenty four hours and shows the interest generated by the social media activity of many of her fans and others interested in purchasing in time for Xmas.

The video itself was filmed in and around Caerphilly and is only a glimpse of what this fantastically talented artist displays on the CD. The Album, which will be available from the Dischromedia website from Monday and various other outlets, is anticipated to sell well and is the perfect gift for the festive season.

Included on the album are classics like Ave Maria and World in Union with the powerful Titanium and the title track Every Breath You Take, all performed to perfection by Miss Link whose range and quality is fully displayed throughout with more well-known numbers from West End Musicals. 

The Dischro group has been fully involved in this amazing project with Dischromatics designing the CD and packaging as well as providing the CD manufacturing. Dischro Creative produced the promotional video and was able to use a number of techniques including green screen technology used in the Shabbey Road studio in Caerphilly and it was a pleasure to be able to use the beautiful St Martins Church as one of the settings.

The CD has been released under the increasingly popular Dischromedia label who are making a name for themselves in the Classical Crossover genre of music with stars like Mark Llewelyn Evans and Peter Karrie as well as Samantha Link having their music distributed by this forward thinking and artist friendly label.

For further information on the Samantha Link album or any other artist releasing under the Dischromedia label please contact Stewart Spencer on 02920 538944 or write to

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